Thursday, September 23, 2010

Select Your Own Gift (up to $30.00 value) From Fantasian Jewelry

i started this blog for a number of reasons.

  • 1)  2.  To show off an occasional creation of my own
  • 2)  1.  To have a blog that i could post to for extra entries during giveaways.
Okay, i admit i'm a greedy creature, but hey ... at least i'm honest :) 

Since i've started investigating these giveaways, i've come across some amazing companies and products.

Fantasian Angel  is holding a dreamy giveaway where the lucky winner gets to select their own gift, generously valued up to $30.00, from her etsy store  Fantasian Handmade Jewelry

It took me no time at all to make up my mind ... i was entranced by these delicate, dancing leaves and have officially decided that in my idea of paradise, all the trees should be dressed like this!  

which ends on September 24 at 10pm PST
and don't forget to check out her  etsy shop

She's got that deadly blend of amazing pieces and even more amazingly reasonable prices that could get a girl into a LOT of trouble if she's not careful :)

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