Friday, September 24, 2010

So What's A Girl Gotta Do To Get Ahead? Giveaway Victoria's Secret?

Well that's exactly what the fine author of Currently Loving It is doing.

This will be an ongoing contest - the prize will be given out when she's reached 150 followers.  

Now, i'm supposed to write this in support of her, and i am, but there's a part of me that thinks 150 is kind of steep considering i'm her 3rd follower ... that matriarchal voice somewhere inside that says i need to "be realistic" --- have small and attainable goals that allow me to believe that i'm successful.

Fortunately for Currently Loving It, i'm rebelling as of late. 
i've been giving a lot of thought to what having plans and dreams are all about.  Somewhere along the line we allow our enthusiasm to be curbed, but what do we get for our efforts?  What are we actually managing to protect or preserve by not reaching for the stars.

So while i wait for Currently Loving It to attain her goals, i'll see how many of my own i can attain in the meanwhile.

Oh ... yeah ... erm i almost forgot

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